The crime as been solved! All that remains is gathering up the evidence and arresting the suspect. Although the task seems simple, it's never an easy ordeal when you are a bumbling detective. 

Bumbling Detectives is a set collection card game where all players are trying to collect the same thing. It can be played by three to five players. It is a light-weight game that is quick to learn and fun to play. The average playtime is anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes.

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When playing Bumbling Detectives, you must be the first detective to gather the evidence and arrest the suspect. On your turn you will do one of three actions: gather a clue, suffer a bumble, or experience temporary focus. Which action you take will be determined by the roll of a die. When you are focused, good things happen, however, since you are a bumbling detective it's more likely that you will suffer a bumble on your turn. The first detective to gather all the required elements wins the game. 

Game Synopsis

Who You Are

You are a world-famous detective but not because of your skill at closing a case. You are well known for constantly making mistakes during every investigation, often resulting in the suspect walking free. This is your chance to prove your skills to your superiors. 

What You Do

You know who did the crime, and you know how they did it. All you have to do is gather the clues cards that match the crime report. There are other detectives on the case but you shouldn't worry about them. Your chronic bad luck will be your greatest obstacle. 

How You Win

Be the first detective to gather all of the evidence and arrest the suspect.