Robots are the wave of the future! A robot can help clean your house, do your homework, and walk your dog. Everybody wants a robot, but there are not enough to go around. Can you wrangle the robots you need before the others?

Robot Wranglers is a card game where players simultaneously a card then resolve the actions and conflicts the card play creates. It can be played by three to six players. It is a light-weight game that is quick to learn and fun to play. The average playtime is usually between 20 and 35minutes.


prototype art work

When playing Robot Wranglers, your goal is to be the first player to wrangle a certain number of robots. To wrangle a robot, you will need to collect the necessary items from the item shop. You need to plan your actions carefully. If you try to do something a player before you already did, you will suffer adverse effects. Adverse effects could restrict your ability to wrangle a robot

Game Synopsis

Who You Are

You are an average person looking to procure some robots to help you with your daily tasks. There is high demand for robots so you will be competing with others to get your robots first. 

What You Do

In order to obtain a robot, you need oil and power. You will use your action cards to obtain these items, resolve any negative effects that you may be suffering, and wrangle a robot. If a player before you plays the same action, you will suffer negative consequences. 

How You Win

To win the game, you must be the first person to obtain the items needed to wrangle the required number of robots without incurring any negative effects.