Something is chasing you through the forest! You don't know what it is but you are sure you don't want it to catch you. Run as fast as you can through the forest while avoiding the obstacles in your way. Just make sure your injuries don't kill you before you escape. 


Run! is a face-paced card game where the players are racing to be the first one out of the forest. It can be played by two to six players. It is a fast-paced game that is quick to learn and fun to play. The average playtime with four players is usually between 60- 90 minutes. 

prototype art work

To escape the forest, each player has thirty seconds per turn to get run as far and as fast as they can. During your run, you come across obstacles in the forest. If you perform a correct action on the obstacle you will increase your distance. However, any incorrect action will result in an injury. At the end of each round the entity chasing, you will attempt to stop you. Sometimes it will target the slowest runner, sometimes the most injured.

Game Synopsis

Who You Are

You are an average person who finds themself in the forest with something chasing you and the other players. You don't know what's chasing you but you don't want it to catch you. 

What You Do

You run through the forest, playing action cards to react to the obstacles appearing before you. The more obstacles you traverse, the faster you are. Playing the wrong card, however, can cause you injury. 

How You Win

Of the runners that escape the forest alive, the one that's least injured wins the game.